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Around for a while,but still worth mentioning,is the LBPCentral Spotlight Search Engine. A great resource for LBP newbies,especially those who are more into Play than Create.
Also a good place to point games journalists who don’t see any value in user-generated content.

Story detail-ful interview [old]

Probably the most story detail from any interview,from Alex Evans at Gamescom 2010 via the EU PlayStation Blog:

Sackinima’s Ultimate LittleBigPlanet 2 Trailer Remix

It was posted to YouTube back in August,but in case you haven’t see Sackinima‘s awesome LBP2 trailer remix set to Neo Tokyo’s “Sleepyhead”remix:

Happy Halloween!

Moogle Reader

Sackboy Goes to PAX Prologue:Sad Frenzy

Sad Frenzy 1

Sad Frenzy 2

Sad Frenzy 3

Sad Frenzy 4

Sad Frenzy 5

Sad Frenzy 6

Sad Frenzy 7

Countdown Spoilers

At this point everyone in the LBP community is familiar with this Sony Japan teaser countdown site.  Even before it was clear that the seated gentleman was crocheting a Sackboy,many of us pulled this out of the Flash file:


So the countdown is clearly LBP2-related.  If the images weren’t enough,I also find the URL in there,which will (I assume) stop giving me a 404 error in (at time of writing) a little over two days.

So the question is:what is the reveal?  The most reasonable answer is a Japanese release date and/or Collectors’Edition details (an “offer you can’t refuse”?),but that’s no fun.  Let’s assume it’s something bigger.  PAX starts in a little over three days,with a US PlayStation Blog meetup before that.  Could it be that something that wasn’t shown at GamesCom that will be shown at PAX?

If we look at the LBP2 “Your Own Story Trailer” released at GamesCom,there’s an implication that this is one of six trailers to be released:

Story trailer - five more coming?

Given the 90 days (or so) between the release of that trailer and the intended release date for the game,that means a trailer (at least) every 18 days,right?  Which put the next one (music?) smack in the middle of PAX!  They’d have to accelerate the release of the third one (controls?) to have it coincide with Tokyo Game Show,but I’d think they’d be willing to do that.  After all,I doubt they’ll actually wait until release day for the Rules trailer.

So,clearly Sony Japan wants to reveal the great gloriousness of LBP2 music to the Japanese audience prior to its debut at PAX.  That is my conclusion,and makes perfect sense.  Or maybe I’ve just been staring at this image for too long:

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GamesCom 2010 stuff

There was a really good set of GamesCom coverage links posted by Mr_Berger on LittleBigWorkshop while I was working on this post,some of which I hadn’t found yet,so I wanted to give credit where due.  Also beware of my fragmentary and/or run-on sentences below,but I tried to give a quick overview of what was in each piece for easy searching later.

  • Gamespot: Spaceship Demo in the “The Cosmos”part of the story,with the level selection on a planet despite your being on a spaceship flying through space,showing off sackbot actors (I counted at least 12 in one level),controllinator minigames,level links (which can be automatic or manual),semi-interactive cutscenes(?),and a little low gravity platforming,.  What’s referred to as gravity reversal appears to be just an illusion,unless you can selectively not affect sackboys and sackbots.

Sackbot movie theatre

  • Gamespot: Creatinator Demo in the “Victoria’s Laboratory”part of the story,demos the creatinator emitting cake icing (rather than “cows”or “fiery napalm death”) as the “Cakeinator”,sticky materials (icing),animated flowing chocolate waterfalls and dissolving icing,using sticky emitted material to solve physics puzzles,and cute little cake-based enemies.  Alex reiterates that you can record your own voice acting,and that the sackbot actors are following pre-recorded sixaxis control.

fire and ice

  • GameSpot: Grapple Hook Demo in the “Da Vinci’s Hideout”part of the story,demos the grapple hook and bounce pads and reveals that the “Tower of Whoop”is doable in one score bubble chain (but not easily).

new style sticker switch?

  • GameSpot: Sequencer Demo –LBP2 will have a “great licensed soundtrack”but “20,30 tracks is never going to cut it”.  Demos Christophe’s “Caterpillar Climb”level (Christophe having been hired from the community),which switches from horizontal platformer to vertical racer.  Beautiful animated waterfalls,sackbots turning to watch Sackboy (even in Create mode),but amazingly:dynamic track being generated during play out of pre-built sections,using the intended-for-music sequencer.  Stephen Fry is back narating,as we know.  Some of the new awesome backgrounds done by Fireproof Studios.  ”Stingers”of short musical themes available (“Love”theme shown),but the musical sequencer is the main attraction.  There will be some Mm-provided sequences in final game.  It looks like a separate thermometer shows up just to track the space on a sequencer…?  Object tweakers (like fire) can be added to sequencer.  Twinkle,twinkle,fiery napalm death.

The autodestruct is activated when you come close to Eve in play mode.

  • GameSpot: LBP2 Interview:Alex Evans –talk of the music sequencer,expectation of “more finessed”levels from the community,competitive minigames,stickiness,at the “no sleeping”polish stage of development,“can’t wait to have this baby out”.  [Pregnant women of the world sympathize,I'm sure. -Ed]

Angry Mecha-Chicken

  • GameSpot:GamesCom Tour,Hall 7 –Jealousy fuel for us non-Europeans.  Apparently the copy of LBP2 being shown called itself “Beta”,and pics have shown up in the forums claiming the Beta has already begun.  Don’t believe everything you read on the internet,as Kevin Butler says.

GamesCom Hall 7,not Beta

  • Fnac Gaming Network: LBP2:Creations and Gameplay (5:06),music sequencer demo,then the sackbot splitscreen puzzle (which indicates that the creator _can_ program a sackbot to mimic the player’s costume),rubber-band-ball basketball minigame (showing power gloves also carrying other sackboys).
  • 2010:LBP2 Interview (6:44) –designers inspired by community,story has nice sense of humour,racing minigame with level-select (mentioned,not shown),a few seconds of a swampy level(?), overview (no PSN account required to browse),developing LBP1 required some cheating but LBP2 levels purely made on PS3 (fixed stuff that drove the designers crazy), first planned DLC is Move support for creators (sample levels will be on disc),LBP1 content available even if you only buy LBP2.

hug Sackboy

  • PS Gaming Blog:LBP2 Footage Part 1 (1:31 a little sackbot escort footage in the Factory of a Better Tomorrow), LBP2 Footage Part 2 (0:39 playing “Science Diner”[pong] and “Parmesan”in the spaceship arcade;looks like Parmesan gives you a level key), LBP2 Footage Part 3 (1:04 “Tower of Whoop”).
  • Oyungezer Online: Gamescom 2010:LBP2 Ozel Sunumu (27:36) –Some people just want to play,designers just use PS3,level 4 in Da Vinci’s area with grappling hook and bounce pads,grappling hook grabs soft things but Sackboy is also soft,Victoria the bipolar baker and evil cupcakes,creatinator,d-pad for emotion works when recording sackbot actors,costumes with names like “Berrie”,multiplayer minigame basketball in the Factory of a Better Tomorrow,Higgenbotham (who created the great spaceship) is in Eve’s Asylum?,multiplayer(!) sackboy splitscreen puzzle,sequencer has been added to the game since E3,mentions sequencing sackbot emotions (sequencer in sackbot brain,or external sackbot emotion control?),demo of Caterpillar Climb level,then sequencer twinkle twinkle napalm death demo,soundtrack shaping up to be awesome,complex new stuff makes it easier,first cutscene with the Oz-like Avalon Centrifuge (“Surely,You Will Fall Prostrate When Confronted By My Magnificence”),hopping bunny with health meter and collectable carrots.  [Lots of homage to Oz and HHGttG in at least this part of the story,I think. -Ed]

Hey Kiddo,welcome to the triumphant manifestation of my transcendence.

  • GamerSyde: LBP Interview Alex Evans (Gamescom) –more integrated story,cutscenes,game variety,being pulled between game and toolset,making creation enjoyable,direct control and sackboys,updated pop-it system,Eve’s Asylum (Eve’s invented a machine to create life,but it’s gone wrong?),demo single-player sackbot splitscreen puzzle (further than other demos,and mentioning there are sixty (!) puzzles),trademark/copyright issues and moderation,offensive material more of a problem than copyright,LBP2 will have new tools for the moderators,you can always edit and republish,cutscenes with recorded voices,ambient occlusion and volumetric lighting,old levels look remastered,new transparency and particle effects,Avalon Centrifuge into cutscene,not-just-music sequencer (cameras,movement,etc),addressing platforming issues [floaty whining -Ed] with power-ups and bounce pads and direct control,wall-jumping rabbit,sixty levels in story (incl. minigames),basketball minigame,PS Eye camera support same as in LBP?,“Split Path”sackbot-leading level.

Pin Unlocked! Accidents

Da Vinci sez

    Little Bits for August 19,2010

    Along with Sackboy Junior’s recent misadventures,there’s a lot going on in the LittleBigPlanetverse:

    • Speaking of Gamescom,looking forward to the European PlayStation Blog‘s interview with Alex Evans.  “We shot a short video interview which is being edited as we speak and that you can look forward to seeing either at the end of this week or the beginning of next. He gave me an insight into LittleBigPlanet 2’s story and shed details of the incredible sounding music creation,which should give a new lease of life to those LBP musicians out there.”
    • Speaking of Gamescom,looking forward to hearing about the imminent Media Molecule Gamescom Fan Meet 2010.  We couldn’t send anyone to Germany this year,due to what is known around HQ as “the currywurst incident“,but we’ll look forward to living the good life vicariously through our more European friends.
    • Speaking of not-Gamescom,there’s a PlayStation Move event in Washington D.C. next week.  In the comments on the east coast Washington event,PlayStation Social Media Superman Jeff Rubenstein revealed their intention to reveal their intentions regarding the upcoming west coast Washington event:  PAX meetup details next week!  We’re definitely being represented at PAX,so we’re eager to find out next week whether we’re arriving too late or leaving too early to meet the American Sony dudes.

    Some Little Bits for August 11,2010

    Before we get mobbed with questions,and people start abandoning bulky costumes,I’d like to say that wearing a costume has no actual impact on how high you can bounce,how you spin etc!

    A Wednesday Night Tease

    A long ride with Sackboy